"The Lord is good,

    a refuge in times of trouble.

He cares for those who trust in him"

-Nahum 1:7

The youth in churches often feel like they are viewed as just 'older children,' and can feel a bit lonely in the gap between their younger peers and their parents.  At EBC, our goal is to provide space for our youth to grow in Christ Jesus together in ways that speak to them as developing young adults and contributing members of the body of Christ.  We accomplish this with our regular Monday night Youth Group meeting, and other monthly events that help to strengthen their faith and sense of community within the church.

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Games and Special events

What fun would a youth group be without games and special events??  At EBC Youth we always start our time off with an icebreaker or game to set the tone for the evening (as well as burn some energy).  This can include field games like Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer or Croquet, or we will do team challenge games like Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Light Sabors!

Other special events that we do, sometimes with other youth groups on or off campus include Youth Connect Rallies, The Battle of 1000 Water Balloons and EBC Youth's very own annual Pumpkin Hunt!  We also attend YC each year, which takes place over the long weekend in May and includes bands, speakers, booths and tons of games.

A safe space for EVERYONE!

At EBC Youth, we strive to make this a safe space for all Jr. and Sr. High youth.  As such, our rules include, but are not limited to: no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, no weapons of any kind, no fighting and no swearing.  We believe that our youth are precious and that in a world where they are bombarded with media and themes that threaten to shred their innocence, there needs to be places where they can just be kids, and be safe.  Ebenezer Baptist Church is once of those places.

Feel free to join us Fridays at 7pm at the church.  All youth from grades 7 through 12 are welcome!