Missions / Evangelism

At EBC we believe that glorifying God and local and global outreach are our central mandate as the church of Jesus Christ. EBC has a strong history of not only supporting, but sending cross cultural missionaries and evangelists from our local body. We support workers (missionaries, evangelists and church planters) who are laboring around the globe and across Canada in a variety of contexts. This includes Argentina, Portugal, the Philippines and one Southeast Asian closed access country. We have evangelist-missionaries in three Canadian contexts; in Quebec, amongst Muslim immigrants, and with various ethnic immigrants in Toronto.

We also strive to have an impact on the community of Wetaskiwin and our region through our small groups, outreach events, meeting practical needs and through relationship building in contexts where we live, work and play that enables us to build bridges.  Recently we were involved with the Wetaskiwin Community Festival which was sponsored by several local churches and businesses and aided in creating space for building bridges into the community.